11th May 1745 and the battle of Fontenoy have lived long in Irish memory … from the poetry of Thomas Davis & Emily Lawless; to the Celtic cross erected in that famous Belgian village in 1907; to numerous writings and publications. Irishmen fought abroad for generations, and fought on both sides at Fontenoy. Officers and men hailed from the four corners of Ireland, or they were the children or descendants of exiles by birth.

Our focus is Fontenoy, particularly the Irish involvement, heritage and diaspora. May 2020 will be the 275th anniversary of this important battle of the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748). Our aim is to add to existing knowledge and commemorate this historical event. Resources on this website presently include an Irish Participants database, a Roll of Irish Participants, and a Blog.

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Images: Lucien Mouillard, ‘Les Régiments sous Louis XV’ (Paris, 1882)

Should you wish to contact us please use the ‘Contact’ page on this website, or our email address is fontenoy.ie@gmail.com . Additional useful information is always welcome for consideration.

About the author: Doug Lucey is an Irish historian, with a MA Degree in Local History. He is also a member of ‘Le Tricorne’, the Belgian military history association, based in Tournai, whose aims include the study and commemoration of the battle of Fontenoy and preservation.

Image source: gallica.bnf.fr/National Library of France